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Pomfret 500g - Eatkart
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Karandi fish – Whole (Unclean) 500g

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Pomfret 500g


At Eatkart get fresh whole White Pomfret that is neatly cleaned, gutted and ready for you to cook. This diamond-shaped, shiny fish is regionally known by many names such as Paplet, Sadumi, Avoli, and Vavval. A seawater fish, White Pomfret has lean meat with medium texture and a mild flavour. Pomfret fish is a good source of vitamins, minerals and proteins. It is also low on fats as compared to the Black Pomfret. With a low presence of bones, the fish is an excellent choice for frying and curries. Order White Pomfret from Eatkart and make crispy Pomfret Fish Fry at home.



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